Kevlar K10

ProAc would like to introduce the new flagship model K10
Эксклюзивные варианты шпона, за дополнительную плату:
Характеристики товара Kevlar K10
Номинальное сопротивление (Ом) 4
Рекомендуемая мощность усилителя 10 - 500 Вт
Частотный диапазон 20 - 30 000 Гц
Активная Нет
Ширина (мм) 297
Высота (мм) 1499
Глубина (мм) 457
Вес (кг) 57

Подробная информация о товаре

ProAc would like to introduce the new flagship model K10.

The design team at ProAc has been striving for years to achieve a natural sound and in our opinion, we have achieved this. The K10 boasts excellent midrange detail and an impressive sound stage.

The unique K10 cabinet design has been further developed incorporating the proven Kevlar conned bass driver giving a wonderfully extended and natural bass response.

The K10 features a new ProAc midrange unit with an ultra-light midrange diaphragm. This new midrange unit has a felt open back to stop colouration. The new midrange with its light diaphragm gives an exceptional, detailed midrange this is achieved by the new light diaphragm loaded by a new wave guide, the result is outstanding with an almost electrostatic open midrange.

The crossover on the new K10 has been further modified to take advantage of the new midrange and the crossover point has now changed allowing the midrange to work to a higher frequency which not only increases the power handling it also reveals detail that was previously not heard.

Our ProAc ribbon tweeter as used in the K range will give a sweet and detailed high frequency.

We urge people who are looking for the ultimate in sound reproduction to audition the K10.

Standard Finishes:
Black Ash, Mahogany, Cherry, Natural Oak, Silk White and Walnut.
Premium Finishes:
Rosewood, Ebony, NEW Tamo Ash, Dark Eucalyptus

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