Kevlar K1

Our exciting new K1 (Available soon)
Эксклюзивные варианты шпона, за дополнительную плату:
Характеристики товара Kevlar K1
Номинальное сопротивление (Ом) 8
Рекомендуемая мощность усилителя 10 -150 Вт
Частотный диапазон 28 - 30 000 Гц
Чувствительность дБ/Вт/м 90
Активная Нет
Назначение фронтальные / тыловые
Ширина (мм) 264
Высота (мм) 569
Глубина (мм) 401
Вес (кг) 16

Подробная информация о товаре

The premium ProAc range the 'K series has now been in production for the last 12 years. The K3, K6 K8 and most recently the K6 Sig have proven to have been very popular choices for people looking for the ultimate in sound reproduction. With this success we have been asked for a stand mounted K series speaker which we have been developing.

The K1 is a special stand mounted version using the Kevlar cone as in the K range and the tweeter is also our proven ribbon unit. Certain modifications have been made to the Cabinet, bass driver and tweeter to make it adaptable for us to be able to develop this to be suitable for a stand mounted loudspeaker.

Although the K1 is a stand mounted loudspeaker is has a surprisingly extended and accurate bass response with the usual beautiful midrange from the K series bass driver used within the K series.

The unique K design which has been incorporated into the K1 sees a cabinet which is bottom ported and a specially designed dedicated stand to complement and bring out the best in the K1, the K1 stand will be available separately from the loudspeakers.

The K1 considering its size gives an impressive sound stage for a stand mounted loudspeaker with an almost electrostatic open midrange and very accurate bass.

We are sure that the K1 will not disappoint.

Standard Finishes:
Black Ash, Mahogany, Cherry, Natural Oak, Silk White and Walnut.
Premium Finishes:
Rosewood, Ebony, NEW Tamo Ash, Dark Eucalyptus

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